Painting the Peninsula Iberica

Fly to Lisbon and we will begin our Adventure in the Penisula ibérica ! We will start the painting adventure in the ancient port of Lisbon. This picturesque port on the Atlantic holds many treasures to sketch, paint or photograph or just enjoy in this hilly city . After 3 days in Lisbon, we will take the fast train to Porto, the famed seaside city for its famous Liquor, Port. Besides the fine Port, there are exquisite sites of the old colorful architecture , the Atlantic sunsets, and the historical Center .

After 3 days touring Porto we will take the train and cross into Galicia, the northwestern most province of Spain. This Province was heavily influenced by the Celts, and the people eventually became known as the CeltIberos in this region. Galicia is known for its fine Galician cuisine, its unique architecture , the small fishing villages , and for the pilgrimage destination ,Santiago de Compostela . This has been a pilgrimage site since the 9th century, and is considered a UNESCO site since 1985 .

On day 12 you may fly out of Santiago de Compostela with us to Madrid. And add on an optional 3 days in Madrid or end the tour there and fly home .