Al-Andaluz: Discover the Cultural tapestry of Andalucia

October 15-24, 2024

Andalucia, the southern most region in Spain, has a rich history of different cultures that have either passed through, have dominated the area for centuries, or were kicked out by other cultures that came in to rule the region. Current day Andalucia is a result of the blending of these many cultures that have left their mark in some form or other throughout the centuries. On this excursion, we will focus on historical sites, where the Moorish rule (711-1494) left their mark through architecture, through the language and cuisine. We will also visit some of the Jewish sites. We will see how the cultures blended into the Spanish/Andalusian culture after 1492. And of course enjoy present day Spain!

The tour will begin in Madrid, where we will feel the vibrations of present day Spain, we will visit a couple important museums, eat well, see the sites. We will then travel by train to Cordoba, and visit this exquisite city to see an adaptation, and not destruction, to a past reigning culture. Among other sites we will visit the Mesquita or mosque, which resides within the Cathedral walls. Next stop will be Sevilla, a jewel of Spain, full of art, beautiful architecture, Spanish cuisine and Flamenco. Then off to Granada to see one of the seven wonders of the world, the Alhambra, the summer palace of the Moorish Kalifa(king). This should be on everyone’s bucket list! The tour will end up in Málaga, the trending port city, given the award to the city of the most smiling population, which translates to me, we want to be around these people!!

This trip is designed with time to paint, draw or take photos. Dottie Oatman is the resident artist, specialist in watercolor, drawing and art in general. She will lead anyone interested in designing their own art travel journal as we journey through Andalucia!